Monday, February 3, 2014

Library Time

It has been months and months and months since my last post...There are several reasons for this; I got a new job, I didn't really know what I wanted to blog about etc etc etc. After a lot of thought, I love blogging and journaling about my daily life.. family, hobbies, and my new job as a librarian. So, it might not be things everybody is always interested in, but there might be things that will interest you someday. without further is my blog and I hope you enjoy!

I have recently finished my first semester as a librarian and it is by far the GREATEST job in the entire world!! I have learned so much in the first 5 months of my job than I would have ever imagined. Since this is my first year, I decided to keep it pretty much the same as it has been in the past. But, now that I have finished my first year, I have started thinking about how and what I will change next year. There are things I had to learn before I could decide what I did like and didn't like.

Today I want to discuss what I have learned from my first year as a librarian about the Texas Bluebonnets...

I quickly realized how huge the Texas Bluebonnet award was at our school and I was super excited however, I also realized that I need to find a new method in how I track the number of bluebonnet books read. This year, and in the past, the students have done chain links. When they read 5, they get a blue paper chain link (there are 3 shades of blue, it depends on their grade level) They have to write their name on the link and the 5 they have read. When they read 10, they get a red link, 15 they get a silver link, and 20 they get a gold link. The links are hung on the ceiling. So, it sounds like a great idea in theory, but it is a pain to keep up with. I found that I didn't want to hang the chains because it was too hard to get up there and hang them. I also found that locating the chain to hang the students red, silver, or gold link was even more difficult because I couldn't read the names which means I could not find the correct link.

Well, with all that said, I plan on changing it up next year to fit me:)
I have finally decided on a theme for next year and will probably keep it for a while (which is so unlike me). This year I went with owls because I had always loved all the cute little owls out there and had never had a chance to do the theme in my classroom. I was planning on changing my theme and couldn't decide between forest animals, jungle, or sweets. Well, my secretary won a rug over the summer and brought it to my classroom a couple of weeks ago. She couldn't remember what it was, so it was quite the unveiling when it was unrolled. Drum roll please.........................................................................................................................................................

You guessed it, I am going with a forest theme...I am really excited about it and the rug sealed the deal:)

I had a reason for telling all of you this, I promise. I am sticking with the theme for showing off the students who have read bluebonnets. I have a choice to make though and I really hope I can get some help from all of you...Here are the options

1. A huge worm on the wall...when a student reads 5, they will get to add part of the body to the worm (use a different color for each grade level). Then in increments of 5, they will add a dot to their worm body part.
2. Lightening bug jars....Print out mason jars like this here. Write the child's name on it and their grade level. When they read 5, they get the jar with with a lightening bug (thumb print on yellow ink pad). Then in increments of 5, they will get another lightening bug.

I am not going to say which I like the most because I want to know what you think the pros and cons would be for each of them. I hope all of you will help me out!

In the Library news!!!

First, I get to go to TLA and I am super duper pumped!!! At first, it was looking like I wouldn't be able to go, but the stars aligned and I get to go the entire time....yes, you heard that right, the ENTIRE time!!! So, stay tuned for more info on that!!

I also wanted all to know that I am getting my Facebook page up and running and I sure hope all of you will head on over and like my Mrs. Saunders' Lovelies Page!!

Stay Tuned...

Changes for next year to AR and the awards
My FIRST book order
Scholastic Book Fair round 2:)
My first Adult Book Club!
Children's Book Club Take 2:)

I hope you all have a fantastic evening!

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