Monday, July 9, 2012

Teacher printables

What a day today!! I think I was on the computer ALL day...wait, I know I was on the computer all day. I was blog hopping again searching for ways to make my own printables. I have always wanted to do this and who knew Powerpoint was the easiest way to do it?? I found a lot of FREE digital scrapbook pages to give me some cute backgrounds. That is what took ALL day, but it was so much fun!!! After I got the things I needed, I wasn't sure what I wanted to create. I decided on calendar numbers...I have been meaning to go buy some and now I don't have to. Thanks to all the bloggers out there that helped me through this process today, there were so many, I'm not sure where to start (as soon as I track all the help down and figure out how to add it here, I will update.) Anyway, check out my new Teachers Pay Teachers Store for FREE zebra calendar numbers. You can also find some cheetah calendar numbers for $1.00. I hope you enjoy them! I think I will like creating stuff, if only I could find REALLY cute clipart...I'll work on that tomorrow:) I'm calling it a night.


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  2. Cute zebra numbers, I think I may buy the cheetah ones too. Thanks for sharing

  3. Your numbers look adorable!

    Powerpoint is so easy! I love using it. There are also tons of *freebies* out there for frames that are adorable.

    Heather's Heart