Monday, July 9, 2012

Classroom Library Part 2

Well I got 3 more buckets of books entered into my Book Retriever app. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I like this app and use it...I have invested a lot of time putting all my books into the app. Tomorrow I will take these 3 buckets of books back to school and get 3 more buckets. As soon as I get all my books that have barcodes, I will head back to my class and add barcodes to all the books I am collecting along the way that don't have barcodes already. I think after this, I will only purchase books if they have barcodes. I am not utilizing the app as it was fully intended for, only because it has some glitches and I really don't have time for glitches. Through trial and error, I found that by only entering the title and author, the app didn't shut down on its own.
Like I stated the other day, as soon as I get all my books in this app, I will then level and sort my books my genre...stay tuned for that!! I just wanted to give an update on the progress of my classroom library. I can't wait to have this beast conquered. Good night for now!

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