Thursday, July 5, 2012

Classroom library

I came across this new app called Book Retriever and I just had to have it (I actually bought an app, CRAZY...that should tell you it must be good, it was ONLY Anyway, let me just say, in theory it is an AMAZING app, but in actuality, it's driving me to a ssssssllllloooooowwwww death. I have learned that out of my 500+ books, that about more than half don't have barcodes. Your probably saying, "not a big deal", but really it is, the app scans the barcodes of your books and stores the titles for you. After sitting around thinking about what to do, since I spent money on an app, I decided to find a barcode creator ( I searched EVERYWHERE and of all places, Avery has a "perfect" barcode creator.)  So, I started making barcodes, I know sounds silly, but I REALLY want this app to work for me. If I can get all my books in and accounted for, I can then add my students and check books in and out to them...REALLY???? That is absolutely unheard of. The librarian in me is showing herself, gotta use the degree somewhere, right? Anyway, so I am knee deep in this project now and I have come to a new problem...the books that do have barcodes, don't always show up, so I have to type the information in...oh whoas me. With ALL that said, I am really hoping I can finish this beast of a summer project and then utilize it the way that I have envisioned. Oh yeah, one more thing...after I finish getting all my books in, I will re-level them and sort them by genre. I hope somewhere in all of this, I can get my jungle classroom together...wish me luck. I will keep posting the classroom library progress:)

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