Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Funday!!!

This weekend was GREAT...we ended up visiting in-laws in San Antonio! After the looooonnnnggg week I had, it was a much needed get away (and it was topped off by a trip to Smitty's BBQ in that makes my heart sing.) I am now gearing up for the last week before spring break...can I get a WHOOP???? I can hardly wait for a week off!! This week we have benchmarks on Tuesday (math) and Wednesday (reading). I sure hope my kids shine, I desperately NEED them to do GREAT!!!! I need to think of a fun thing for my kids to do over spring break to document their week...any ideas???? Oh my gosh....I am so excited, I won for the first time ever in a blogging giveaway and it is one of my favorite blogs...even better. Thank you to Tonya for the awesome products, you are AMAZING!!!


Ava is so blessed to have such AMAZING grandparents that love her more than anything. She was so lucky to get to see both sets this weekend and was sad when she had to say her goodbyes:( It seems to get harder and harder each time for all of us. We hit a mile stone this weekend with Ava, her first haircut...EVER! it was just a trim, but it's a start (Daddy is not a big fan of cutter her hair, I don't get it, but oh well)

Sweet girl and her first haircut!!! 

I watched this Sweet video today before I left my in-laws and had a cry fest back in the room by myself. It really got me thinking just how much I take for granted with my sweet lovely child. You see, I have a terrible memory, which is the main reason I decided to change this blog to an everything blog. My Ava has started saying and doing some of the funniest things and I knew that I would forget, if I didn't document. I knew I would never get out or even keep up with a journal, so I figured blogging was the best route for me. Watching this video really brought things into perspective for me...bottom line, I need to remember and make time for everything that Ava is. She is the light of my life and I need to embrace her and hold on tight through this journey we have begun. I just hope I don't forget the most important and ordinary things about her. If anybody is actually reading this, please just enjoy the "ordinary" days that are actually extraordinary!!!

Scentsy time...
Oh my gosh, there is so much going on with Scentsy right now!! For starters, they have finally revealed the brand new Spring/Summer catalog...and it is FANTASTIC!!! Also, just Saturday, they announced that all campus warmers were 40% off...this is unheard of!!! The warmer of the month is cute and perfect for the gardner and I love the scent of the month, Hello Yellow!!! If you are wanting a FREE sample, please contact me and I will get one out ASAP!!! I have 2 basket parties ready to ship out and if you are the first to contact me, I will give you an extra hostess gift!!! I am also having a Scentsy Spring/ Summer Open House on Sunday, March 24. I would love to see you there. If  you can't make it, please join my party (March Online Party) on my website, Abby Saunders.
Finally, please "like" my facebook page, Abby Saunders-Scentsy Family Independent Consultant, follow me on Instagram- abbylane8, and follow me on Twitter-AbbySaunders1. I look forward to hooking up with all of you!!!

I hope you all have a LOVELY Monday and until we chat again...


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