Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday...ugh and Currently!!

Today was a tough Monday, but it ended up lovely!!!
My kids were in rare form (I say that, but it was a normal, crazy Monday). I can tell though, that we are one week away from Spring break! Tomorrow we have out math benchmark and Wednesday we have our reading, so I reviewed practically all day today...I hope they were able to get something out of it! I guess tomorrow will tell!

"Ava" ism...
My husband bought Ava a t-ball set tonight and they decided to play after dinner....that child is soooo funny! I got some video of her making me hit the ball and her saying, "swing batter batter batter" Never a dull moment with this little lovebug! After t-ball, she had a bath and then came to watch a little tv. She must have gotten bored with that because she then started having a conversation with herself (one of my most favorite things to listen to). After she was finished with that, she decided to talk to Gus, too bad he will not give her the time of day. Maybe one day he will....

Scentsy time!!!
I am having a spring/summer open house on March 24!!! I really would love to have as many people there as I can!!! If you want to come, please contact me and I will get an invitation to you. If you can't make it, please visit my website and join the March Online Party. Remember the college warmers are still 40% off, but they are going fast...hurry and get yours before they are gone!!
Today is Monday Mixer....The French Martini
1 cube Sunkissed Citrus
1 cube Black Raspberry Vanilla
Tell me what you think!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...Currently!! Head on over and hook up with Farley's March Currently

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and until we chat again....make every moment lovely!!!



  1. My Spring Break isn't for a couple more weeks, but I do wish it was more than a week. We were actually supposed to have a full week plus the Thursday and Friday before off, but because of snow we have to come Thursday. We're off good Friday though!
    My Kinder-Garden

  2. oOO I am becoming very jealous of everyone talking about Spring Break! We're really only 6 weeks into our school year so its VERY long until our long holidays, but only 3 weeks until we have a 2 week break over Easter! :)

    Our dog was also grumbling talking (no other way to describe it) at me earlier! I think he wishes he could talk! :)

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  3. Your Monday Mixer sounds soooo good! I'm preggo - just started my 2nd trimester - and while I am thrilled beyond belief, I am starting to miss my wine. Does that make me a horrible mother?! Or just one honest enough to admit it? ;)

    I'm with you on that wanting. Let me know when you figure it out! :) I'm a new follower and glad I found your blog!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

    1. Yay...thank you for following me Kristin...I really don't think anybody reads my posts, but it is a way for me to journal!!