Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dr. Seuss, math review, and taxes...oh my!!!

It was a VERY busy day, and an exhausting one!!!! I ended up spending most of my day getting my kids ready for a volume test in math tomorrow...there are going to be some tough boogers on that test tomorrow, but that's ok...I sleep well knowing that I taught it pretty well! To make my day better, I got to wear jeans for Dr. Seuss day 2 because I wore blue:) Tomorrow is crazy sock day...sure hope I can locate some cute ones so I can wear jeans again tomorrow (See below for a list of activities our school is doing for Dr. Seuss week!!!!)

After school, my husband and I headed over to Jackson Hewitt to get our taxes filed...I must say, thank goodness we did, because what we thought was going to be in the red ended up being in the GREEN...can I get a WHOOP on that???? Since it ended up being a good thing at the tax office, we treated ourselves to Fuzzy's....yummo!!

"Ava"ism of the day...
she is now saying "oh my gosh"...I was wondering how long it was going to take her!! It is one of my favorite sayings...oh my gosh:) I want to also add that she did great while we were at our "meeting" with Jackson Hewitt....I absolutely love my sweet baby girl, she always makes me smile, even on tough days like today!!

Scentsy thought of the day....
Only 2 more days left to get 10% off the fall/winter catalog...hurry, don't wait....once the catalog is gone, the discontinued scents are gone too!!!! Visit my website to place your order. Also, "like" my Facebook page for more fun Scentsy stuff!!! I'm trying my hardest to get to 100!!!

Dr. Seuss week...
Monday- Green Eggs and Ham, wear green
Tuesday- 1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish- wear red or blue
Wednesday- Fox in Sox (?)- wear crazy socks
Thursday- Sleep book (?)- wear pajamas
Friday- Character day...dress up as your favorite book character
We are also doing a door decorating contest (see my Dr. Seuss below, I hope I win)
The kids also have the chance to vote for their favorite Dr. Seuss book as well as make some estimation guesses.
We are also saving coke tabs and donating the money to the Ronald McDonald House.

I hope you all had a lovely day and made something lovely happen in your life!!! Chat with you tomorrow!!!

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  1. Oh, yes, of course, a treat is very much welcomed! I guess most of us have come to expect the worst when it comes to tax matters, so good happenings like this is worth celebrating. :D Shirley@RG Accounting